More than a Microphone is an interactive resource to help you hone your skills as a communicator.

In this online course, you’ll learn a variety of best practices around public speaking and communication. A few topics include:

  • Be more confident

    85% of people experience some level of anxiety when thinking about public speaking. Learn to share with confidence and persuasion so you can communicate with excellence, humility, and impact.

  • Communicate to a group of any size

    1 in 10 people would rather have someone else give their presentation at work, even if it means losing their team's respect. Don't let that be you! Become more comfortable communicating to a group of any size.

  • Share your ideas with impact

    46% of individuals rarely leave a company meeting knowing what their action steps should be. Learn how to clearly communicate and add value to others through what you say.

What you'll get from this course:

  • In-depth learning

    This course is taught by Billy Boughey, Founder of Elevate Experiences and professional communicator with over 15 years of experience.

  • Practice materials

    As you walk through the course, you'll receive hands-on practice materials to help you apply these key communication principles.

  • Bonus content

    In addition to the online course and workbook, you'll receive bonus materials to help you strengthen your communication skills.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Public Speakers

    Whether you're just getting started as a public speaker or you're a seasoned communicator, this course is for you.

  • Managers & Leaders

    Make your meetings and presentations more engaging! Learn to connect with your audience and deliver an impactful message.

  • College Students

    This course will help you build confidence as a public speaker and develop the skills needed to dominate as a communicator.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Welcome
    • Workbook: More Than A Microphone for Communicators (Full)
    • Instructions on How to Use the Digital Workbook - PC
    • Instructions on How to Use the Digital Workbook - Mac
  • 2
    Welcome & Roadmap
    • Video 1
    • Workbook: Welcome & Roadmap
    • Moving Forward
  • 3
    Why Your Style Matters
    • Video 2
    • Workbook: Why Your Style Matters
    • Bonus Material: Style Activity Part 2
    • Bonus Material: How to Introduce Yourself - Full Color
    • Bonus Material: How to Introduce Yourself - Printer Friendly
    • Quiz: Style
  • 4
    The Guest
    • Video 3
    • Workbook: The Guest
    • Quiz: The Audience
    • Bonus Material: Preparing For Your Guest
    • Bonus Material: 5 Things to Consider - Full Color
    • Bonus Material: 5 Things to Consider - Printer Friendly
    • Bonus Material: Audience Poster
  • 5
    Thinking Ahead
    • Video 4
    • Workbook: Thinking Ahead
    • Bonus Material: Wiring- Full Color
    • Bonus Material: Wiring- Printer Friendly
    • Quiz: Thinking Ahead
  • 6
    • Video 5
    • Workbook: Preparation
    • Bonus Material : Preparation Checklist - Full Color
    • Bonus Material : Preparation Checklist - Printer Friendly
    • Quiz: Preparation
  • 7
    Technical Side
    • Video 6
    • Workbook: The Technical Side
    • Bonus Material: Mic Check Tips - Full Color
    • Bonus Material : Mic Check Tips - Printer Friendly
    • Bonus Material: Tech Check Tips - Full Color
    • Bonus Material: Tech Check Tips - Printer Friendly
    • Quiz: Technical Side
  • 8
    Variables & the Unknown
    • Video 7
    • Workbook: Variables & The Unknown
    • Bonus Material: Think About It Activity
    • Quiz: Variables
  • 9
    So What? Now What?
    • Video 8
    • Elevate Your Culture
    • Workbook: So What, Now What
    • Bonus Material : Communicator Flight Plan - Full Color
    • Bonus Material : Communicator Flight Plan - Printer Friendly
    • Now what?


Meet your Instructor

  • Billy  Boughey

    Billy Boughey

    Founder & President of Elevate Experiences

    Billy Boughey is an emcee, communicator, author and founder of the Atlanta-based company: Elevate Experiences. Billy exists to create world-class training and event experiences that inspire each person he interacts with to live and lead at a higher level. His passion for team culture began as a baseball player for Georgia State University and the Philadelphia Phillies and continues as he works with many International organizations. Some of Billy's talents include keynote speaking, event hosting and consulting on how to make team members smile and customers rave about their brand experience. Most recently, in February 2018, you might have seen Billy on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon freestylin' with the Roots.