What you'll get from this course

  • Create a more efficient work environment

    Have you ever faced the challenge of broken systems and inefficiency? In this course, you'll learn how systems can help create a more successful day-to-day for you and your team. Learn to utilize systems to your advantage and how to keep these relevant over time.

  • Master the work hard, play hard balance

    Do you ever find it difficult to juggle both fun in the office and productive results? This course will teach you how to integrate appropriate celebration into your organization while still balancing efficiency. Walk away with a better understand of what, how, and when to celebrate without over doing it.

  • Develop an authentic, healthy culture

    Ever wonder why some teams seem to enjoy their coworkers more than others? Care is an essential aspect of any healthy culture and can make a significant difference in your team dynamic. Learn how to prioritize care in the workplace and create an authentic, enjoyable culture.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Start Here
    • Start Here
    • Copy of Downloading and Using Your Worksheets (Mac)
    • Copy of Downloading and Using Your Worksheets (Windows)
  • 2
    • Care
    • Care Worksheet
  • 3
    • Celebration
    • Celebration Worksheet
  • 4
    • Systems
    • Systems Worksheet
  • 5
    What Now?
    • What Now?
    • Elevate Your Culture Culture Cards
    • Elevate Your Culture Activity Guide


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