What we will answer in this webinar:

  • What is wiring?

    How can you use information gathered from assessments like Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, and StrengthsFinder to create a whole picture of who you are?

  • Why does it matter for me?

    How can knowledge of self make you a better leader and improve your productivity?

  • Why does it matter for my team?

    How can knowledge of your team help you to be more collaborative and encourage people to be free to be themselves?

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  • Tory Vore

    Tory Vore

    Programs Coordinator at Elevate Experiences

    Tory is a full-time team member at Elevate Experiences, a brand experience agency in Norcross, Georgia. Tory is passionate about supporting Elevate's vision to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level through development and fulfillment of Leadership products.